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AS And A Level Results: More than 45,000 students in Pakistan will receive their AS & A Level results while Cambridge IGCSE and O Level results will be released the following week, according to a statement released by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) the day before.

The results are from the June 2023 exam series administered to over 500,000 students worldwide, including over 100,000 students in Pakistan for IGCSE, O Level, and International AS & A Level, according to the statement.

AS And A Level Results
AS And A Level Results

In Pakistan, more than 118,000 candidates registered for Cambridge International AS & A Level in the June 2023 series, a 10% increase from June of the previous year. It added that the most popular subjects were Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

Students whose May exams were canceled due to social unrest in the country were able to continue their education uninterrupted, according to the statement. “Cambridge has well-established procedures for awarding results to candidates who are unable to take an exam component.” Exams for Cambridge International A Level History and Mathematics had to be rescheduled due to the disruption, and their grades were also released today,” the statement continued.

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According to Cambridge International, this year saw its largest exam series to date, with 1.7 million entries for Cambridge exams from 5,600 institutions in 147 countries for all qualifications.

The CAIE director in Pakistan, Uzma Yousuf, stated that this exam series exemplified resiliency in the face of Pakistan’s volatile political climate, which resulted in a three-day exam cancellation.

More than 750 institutions in Pakistan provide their students with Cambridge programs and qualifications.

People Also Ask:

  1. What is A* in A levels?

    The current modular A levels consist of AS and A2 units and the A* grade is awarded to students who achieve an overall A grade at A level and also achieve a 90% or higher equivalent mark on their A2 units. are

  2. What is the difference between A and AS levels?

    A-Levels and AS-Levels are taught in the same way, but A-Levels are more advanced and take longer to complete. AS levels are similar to the first year of an A-level course. AS-level results are used to count towards your final A-level results.

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