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Farm Worker Jobs for Foreigners in Canada

Start an interesting agricultural career in Canada! The Ranch Retreat Ltd. now offers Farm Worker Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people looking to get involved in Canadian farming, made even more appealing by visa sponsorship.

Jobs Overview

The Ranch Retreat Ltd., known for its devotion to sustainable agriculture, is looking for motivated foreign nationals to join their team as farm workers. Ideal for individuals who are passionate about farming and want to work in Canada, these positions provide a supportive and dynamic atmosphere with the added benefit of visa sponsorship.

Job Responsibility

As a Farm Worker at The Ranch Retreat Ltd., your duties will include:

  1. Assisting in various farm operations such as planting, harvesting, and maintenance.
  2. Operating farm equipment and machinery under supervision.
  3. Caring for livestock and assisting with farm animals, if applicable.
  4. Ensuring adherence to farm safety and quality standards.

Job Requirements

To be considered for Farm Worker Jobs in Canada for Foreigners, applicants should:

  • Be motivated and dedicated to farm work.
  • Possess basic English or French language skills.
  • Be physically capable of handling various farm tasks.
  • Hold a valid passport and be eligible for visa sponsorship in Canada.


Working at The Ranch Retreat Ltd. offers several benefits:

  1. Competitive wages and job security.
  2. Visa sponsorship for eligible international candidates.
  3. Opportunities to learn and grow within the agricultural sector.
  4. A friendly, inclusive, and supportive work environment.

How to Apply

Are you interested in Farm Worker Jobs in Canada for Foreigners? To apply, please visit The Ranch Retreat Ltd.’s Careers Page. Complete the online application form, attach your résumé, and supply any supporting paperwork. Our recruitment staff will analyze your application and contact you with further information.


Joining The Ranch Retreat Ltd. as a farm worker provides a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a team that is committed to sustainable and responsible farming. We are dedicated to providing our foreign employees with a supportive and enriching working environment. Apply now to begin your farming journey in Canada.

How to apply in Canada as farm worker?

The procedure begins with the business requesting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to confirm no Canadian workers are available to fill the position. When a positive LMIA is received, a formal job offer is presented to the employee.

Are farm workers in demand in Canada?

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) anticipates that by 2029, there will be more than 123,000 job openings in the Agriculture & Agri-Food Labor Force category than the local labor force can fill.

How much is a farm worker paid in Canada?

The average annual wage for farm laborers in Canada is $30,107, or $15.44 per hour. Entry-level occupations begin at $27,300, while most experienced workers earn up to $40,950.

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