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Office Administrator Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

M2M Business Solutions Inc. is a steadily growing Canadian company in search of a qualified office administrator from around the world. We are delighted to sponsor a candidate’s visa, which will enable them to work in Canada and serve as a vital component of our administrative staff.

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Details of Office Administrator Jobs in Canada

  • Employer Name: M2M Business Solutions Inc.
  • Location: Mississauga, ON
  • Jobs Type: Full Time
  • Salary: CAD 20–CAD 40 per hour
  • Country: Canada




Benefits of Office Administrator Jobs in Canada

  • Various Duties: Administrative staff perform a variety of tasks, including appointment scheduling, document management, and communication. This variety keeps the work engaging and interesting.
  • Ability Improvement: These positions help individuals acquire transferable skills such as time management, organization, communication, and problem-solving that can be utilized in a variety of professions.
  • Entry-Level Possibilities: Administrative positions are frequently entry-level, allowing individuals with limited experience and education to qualify.
  • Job Protection: The vast majority of businesses require administrative support, making this position relatively stable and resistant to automation.
  • Comparable Remuneration: Numerous administrative positions are compensated with competitive salaries, benefits, and incentives.
  • The value of networking: administrative offices frequently interact with a variety of departments and individuals within an organization, allowing them to develop a solid professional network.
  • Employability Skills: These talents are transferable to other roles within the organization or to other industries.
  • Contribution to Productivity: Administrative staff play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient operation of the office, which contributes to the organization’s overall effectiveness.
  • Supporting Administration: They enable senior staff to be more productive by allowing management to focus on strategic tasks by performing routine administrative tasks.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Numerous organizations prioritize work-life balance, which can result in a healthier and less stressful workplace for administrators.
  • Profession Advancement: With additional training and experience, administrative professionals can advance to higher-level administrative positions or transfer to other departments within the organization.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Contributing to an organization’s success and assisting coworkers can be personally satisfying.
  • Professional Development: Numerous employers invest in their administrative’ professional development through training and educational opportunities.
  • Obtaining Information: Administrative staff frequently have access to organization, industry, and trend-related information, which can be beneficial to their personal and professional development.
  • Problem Resolution: These positions frequently involve troubleshooting and locating solutions to a variety of office-related issues, which can be intellectually stimulating.
  • Meeting organizational requirements: Administrative staff plays a crucial role in ensuring an organization’s requirements are met, making their work indispensable.
  • Positive working conditions: All employees can benefit from a more positive and productive workplace if the office is well organized and administrative support is effective.

Qualification & Experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to business administration
  • Three years of experience in a comparable capacity or as an office administrator is required.
  • Proficient in the English language; knowledge of French would be regarded as a plus.

Responsibilities of Office Administrator Jobs in Canada

  • Coordinate the operations and activities of the office to ensure compliance with company policies and optimal performance.
  • Phone communications and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages, etc.) should be managed.
  • Assist with accounting and budgeting processes.
  • Maintain and modify databases and records containing personnel, financial, and other data.
  • Maintain an inventory record of office supplies and place orders as required.

Requirements for Office Administrator Jobs in Canada

  • Proven experience in a relevant capacity, including office administrator or office assistant
  • An exceptional aptitude for communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A comprehension of fundamental accounting principles and office management procedures.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office and related office software (e.g., ERP).
  • Highly effective in terms of organization and leadership.

Work Setting:

  • A modern workplace situated in a prominent urban location.
  • A collaborative workstation supported by contemporary technology.
  • Easily reachable through public transportation.
  • Possibility to implement a hybrid work paradigm that integrates both on-site and remote work.

Additional Information:

  • Candidate sponsorship for a visa will be extended to those who have passed the interview and credential verification processes.
  • A virtual interview paves the way for an in-person interview or, for international candidates, a more comprehensive virtual interview during the recruiting process.

How to Apply for Office Administrator Jobs

Interested parties should submit their curriculum vitae, cover letter, and any additional relevant materials via email to Please ensure that Office Administrator Position is included in the subject line.


M2M Business Solutions Inc. is an industry leader in providing a dynamic and inclusive work environment. We eagerly await your application if you are a devoted and well-organized professional seeking visa sponsorship to establish a significant presence in Canada. We appreciate the opportunity to join our enthusiastic team while taking in the splendor and variety that Canada has to offer.

  1. Is office administration in demand in Canada?

    Administrative assistant demand in Canada is on the rise. 41,700 new administrative jobs are expected to become available between now and 2028.

  2. Is office admin a difficult job? 

    As an office administrator, you will be exposed to a great deal of pressure and you will need to learn to deal with it accordingly. Rapidly changing deadlines, along with unforeseen issues in the workplace, will take their toll and you will need to work around or through them.

  3. How do I become an office administrator in Canada? 

    A university degree or college diploma in business or public administration may be required. Experience in a senior clerical or executive secretarial position related to office administration is usually required. Project management certification may be required by some employers.

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