Saudi Arabia Introduces Digital E-Visas – The Ultimate Guide

Saudi Arabia Introduces Digital E-Visas: Saudi Arabia has recently announced a significant visa reform that will affect visitors from twelve countries. General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) will implement a significant change to its visa issuance process for travelers from Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, and a number of other countries.

Travelers entering Saudi Arabia will no longer be required to obtain a visa marking for their passports under the new system. In lieu of the traditional Saudi visa stickers, a printed e-visa with a QR code will now serve as the travel document. This QR code will contain all of the necessary passenger data and information, functioning as a digital visa.

This transition to e-visas applies to a variety of visa categories, including work, visit, and residency visas. The move is part of a larger effort to digitize and improve the effectiveness of the ministry’s consular services, which include work permits, residence visas, and tourist visas.

Saudi Arabia Introduces Digital E-Visas
Saudi Arabia Introduces Digital E-Visas

Countries Where Saudi Arabia Introduces Digital E-Visas

The 12 designated countries will implement the new e-visa system in phases. The following is the timeline for removing visa markings from visitor passports:

  • Sudan: August 2
  • Uganda: August 7
  • Lebanon: August 9
  • Nepal: August 14
  • Turkey: August 16
  • Sri Lanka: August 21
  • Kenya: August 23
  • Pakistan: August 24
  • Yemen: August 26
  • Morocco: August 28
  • Thailand: August 30
  • Vietnam: September 4

Notably, Saudi Arabia discontinued the use of visa stamps for visitors from the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines earlier this year.

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Conclusion of Saudi Arabia Introduces Digital E-Visas

Saudi Arabia seeks to streamline visa processes, facilitate travel, and embrace the digital transformation of its consular services through this visa modernization initiative. With the introduction of the new e-visa system, travelers from the 12 countries enumerated can anticipate a simpler visa application process.

People Also Ask:

  1. Is an e-visa available for Saudi Arabia?

    The tourist e-visa for Saudi Arabia was introduced by the Saudi government in order to facilitate the country up to foreign tourism. The Saudi Arabia online visa is a multiple-entry visa.

  2. How much is a Saudi electronic visa?

    The total cost of the electronic visa for Saudi Arabia is 194 – 224 USD. This includes the visa fee, health insurance, and all Visagov services.

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